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Excerpt from new Silica:ORIGIN novel, book 2 of the series

Each of the council members were sitting at the great round table—white marble, inlaid with various precious stones in intricate weaves and patterns. Quietly they contemplated their situation beginning the careful and deliberate process of meditation. Knowing, as they did, that it would be impossible for the information about to be revealed to them to enter into their spirit in any matter other than through direct quantum transmission of a master teacher such as Ulrich.

“Let us begin.” Announced Ulrich and he began humming in a low guttural frequency.

They stopped their side glances at each other and closed their eyes. Initially they felt something like a barely perceptible puff of air as it impacted the skin from the surrounding room. Then slowly this feeling resolved into a distinct wave of pulses that joined them together in unified vibration. It was in this carrier wave that the knowledge being conveyed from the master would enter them, like the stories of old, where metal rods on televisions would capture and imbibe information carried by a broadcast signal.

An inharmonicity arose as others around the circle joined in—each of the participants in his or her own frequency. These initial oddities contained in the sound made it uncomfortable to listen to, but after some time and several breaths, minor changes occurred that brought everyone together in literal and figurative harmony. A resonance arose that caused the room around them to reverberate with the sound of their chorus. This sound slowly diminished as their physical beings connected on a quantum level; it was no longer necessary to use traditional senses like hearing to communicate for now their very essence was joined.

Ulrich’s mind spoke, “I feel that we are all present now. The origin of Silica is an interesting tale. I will convey it to you in a way that I hope you will understand; though, it is unlikely that—initially—you will comprehend the gravity of that which I am revealing to you.

“There is a knowledge that exists beyond your perception; an understanding that what is before your eyes is false—or at the very least, shall we say, filtered. This knowledge has been kept from you by the very structure of the world in which you live and breathe.

“In our previous lives, our world was very different from the point of view of our senses, and yet precisely the same. Some of you do not remember this life because that knowledge is hidden from you. And some of you never had it; because some of you are products of the reality we see around us at this very moment. I have included each of you in this council for varied reasons, and I hope that my choices have been motivated by the Creation and not some petty human prejudice. Even if that prejudice is based on noble concepts of loyalty and friendship.”

There was a pause. Though from the perspective of the listeners, it was more like having your body immersed in a liquid that was at body temperature; making its presence difficult to detect. And, when the transmission was interrupted the liquid shifted ever so slightly to cold, making its presence known, or rather, making the room’s presence known. This had the effect of making you being aware that you were dreaming and in danger of coming out of the dream; but desperately clinging to the fabric of that dream so as not to break the willing suspension of disbelief.

Ulrich continued, “For those of you that did not have a life before this one,”

Relief—as the shared reality once again enfolded them.

“You are beginning to understand that being born in this world is what differentiates you from those that came here from Earth. Though I must give a word of caution. Memories can be ingrained or preprogrammed into you. As a hypnotist back on Earth could bury a memory or concept deeply within the subconscious of their subject, some coder-hypnotist has used complex obfuscation to plant concepts and memories so deeply in your psyche that no amount of regression therapy can ever find the foundation of those memories.”

There was a perceptible fear working itself into their thoughts, but then, they could feel Ulrich smiling and it brought comfort to them.

He continued, “It’s okay. We can work from what we have. Our presence here in the white tower as its keepers gives us hope. Hope that the powers that be cannot understand or control—at least not completely—their own creation.

“What this means is, when you remember an Earth life, you may be recalling some hidden deception. This leads one to consider their purpose… I too struggle with my own purpose, though I believe that the course I am on is my purpose.

“Unless your Earth memories are incomplete, and if you were old enough, you remember a world where the truth was kept from you by your family, your school, your church, your media, and your government. Even by all of the people of the world, except for a few enlightened ones. Those famous figures that could see beyond the veil. They knew that there were dark forces working behind the scenes to control humanity. They knew that the layer of control placed over our lives was a perversion that clouded the creation from our view, and distracted us from our life’s purpose.

“These enlightened were trying to tell you the truth, but you persistently ignored them just as your ancestors did. Not because you want to, but rather because you have been trained to ignore them. From the position of authority many have told you that they have the truth, but what they have is conditioning… or a better word might be programming. With all their good intentions, they were merely a tool of a great and powerful group that controls everything. A group so desperate to hold onto their authority that they have sold out all of humanity for power and greed.

“I have called you together in this special council meeting so that you will understand what has happened. I want you to be Creation’s oracles that reveal the truth to the masses. Those now meandering outside this great tower are curious, afraid, and oblivious to how this knowledge will soon impact their lives. They are exactly like the masses in the days of Earth that sought comfort through sporting events, video games, and television. They are so afraid to think for themselves because they have grown up allowing others to think for them. They were only valuable insomuch that others defined them as such. They lived their lives vicariously through the rich, powerful, or famous.

“We will now begin a journey that can break this paradigm and free the world of Silica forever.”

Lisa struggled to speak with her thoughts, and managed, “Ulrich, how will you do this?”

“Hello my love.”

Her skin warmed slightly as she felt his adoration.

Ulrich said, “I will tell you how this began. And in telling you… no, telling isn’t really a sufficient word… In reprogramming your DNA with this missing code, I will establish truth that can override the malicious code that hides your true self from your conscious minds. Once that is done, you will begin to see as I do. And what lord can stop an army whose eyes are open?”

Synopsis for Silica: Transition

My Kindle book is a sci-fi/fantasy adventure novel that begins in Tallahassee, Florida and ends 300 years later in a world called Silica. Please check it out here, Silica: Transition (65,000 words).

Ulrich was not his first name. Three hundred cycles ago he awoke in a world filled with strangeness. This world was nothing like the third planet from the star Sol where he had spent his former life. In this world, technology was a distant memory and magic was commonplace. You aged here, but old age could not take your life. But many dangers were present in the form of the strange and powerful creatures that dwelt here and of course from Technis.

The face that stared at Ulrich from the open doorway of his laboratory was that of Benjamin Roy—a name he had to dig from the deep recesses of his most distant memories. Suddenly his mind was filled with a torrent of memories from a time so long ago. He had not seen this man for more than three hundred cycles and yet there Ben was looking at him with perplexed twenty-something eyes. In that moment everything Ulrich thought he knew, everything he believed in, was changed forever.

This enigma he remembered as Ben—leader of Ben Clan in his Battle-Grid days—should not be here. He had vanished from a critical care unit in Tallahassee, Florida in the early twenty-first century. Most people thought that he was taken by a radical middle-eastern faction; killed as a punishment for meddling in Allah’s creation. Ulrich knew that detail was not true; hell, he was one of the authors of that conspiracy. But Ben had been a lost cause; his body damaged from a terrible accident and after years of effort… well, everyone moved on. Then there was that fateful day when the Earth was lost and its survivors fled in desperation to a new home world called Silica.

Seeing Ben now made no sense, and complete sense. It confirmed his suspicions; that the world where he had lived four lifetimes was not what he thought it was. The time had come for his followers, the Freeborn, to move against the evil lord of the White Spire. It was time for freedom.


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The science fiction / fantasy novel Silica: Transition by author T. A. Roe is now available as a Kindle book at Amazon by clicking here.

Also available as a paperback novel here.

What is Silica?

silica quartzSilica (also known as silicon dioxide [SiO2]) is one of the most common chemical compounds in our universe. It is most commonly observed in the form of sand or quartz. It is used to make glass and many other things, but the most important use—as it pertains to this series of books—is its use in microelectronic component manufacture. Without silica there could not have been a quantum leap in computer technology. And it is within the confines of that technology that our story begins.