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Silica: Transition available at Amazon as Paperback and for Kindle

The science fiction / fantasy novel Silica: Transition by author T. A. Roe is now available as a Kindle book at Amazon by clicking here.

Also available as a paperback novel here.

Synopsis for Silica: Transition

My Kindle book is a sci-fi/fantasy adventure novel that begins in Tallahassee, Florida and ends 300 years later in a world called Silica. Please check it out here, Silica: Transition (65,000 words).

Ulrich was not his first name. Three hundred cycles ago he awoke in a world filled with strangeness. This world was nothing like the third planet from the star Sol where he had spent his former life. In this world, technology was a distant memory and magic was commonplace. You aged here, but old age could not take your life. But many dangers were present in the form of the strange and powerful creatures that dwelt here and of course from Technis.

The face that stared at Ulrich from the open doorway of his laboratory was that of Benjamin Roy—a name he had to dig from the deep recesses of his most distant memories. Suddenly his mind was filled with a torrent of memories from a time so long ago. He had not seen this man for more than three hundred cycles and yet there Ben was looking at him with perplexed twenty-something eyes. In that moment everything Ulrich thought he knew, everything he believed in, was changed forever.

This enigma he remembered as Ben—leader of Ben Clan in his Battle-Grid days—should not be here. He had vanished from a critical care unit in Tallahassee, Florida in the early twenty-first century. Most people thought that he was taken by a radical middle-eastern faction; killed as a punishment for meddling in Allah’s creation. Ulrich knew that detail was not true; hell, he was one of the authors of that conspiracy. But Ben had been a lost cause; his body damaged from a terrible accident and after years of effort… well, everyone moved on. Then there was that fateful day when the Earth was lost and its survivors fled in desperation to a new home world called Silica.

Seeing Ben now made no sense, and complete sense. It confirmed his suspicions; that the world where he had lived four lifetimes was not what he thought it was. The time had come for his followers, the Freeborn, to move against the evil lord of the White Spire. It was time for freedom.


What is Silica?

silica quartzSilica (also known as silicon dioxide [SiO2]) is one of the most common chemical compounds in our universe. It is most commonly observed in the form of sand or quartz. It is used to make glass and many other things, but the most important use—as it pertains to this series of books—is its use in microelectronic component manufacture. Without silica there could not have been a quantum leap in computer technology. And it is within the confines of that technology that our story begins.