Silica: Transition

Now available for Kindle (and Kindle Apps) and as a Paperback

Just taking a moment to share my new sci-fi / adventure novel, Silica: Transition. If you know anyone that’s into sci-fi or fantasy novels please share this page. And by the way, you don’t have to own a Kindle to get access to thousands of free books—including all the classics—just install the Kindle app for your device and start downloading. It’s an amazing resource. Cheers!


Ulrich was not his first name. Three hundred cycles ago he awoke in a world filled with strangeness. This world was nothing like the third planet from the star Sol where he had spent his former life. In this world, technology was a distant memory and magic was commonplace. You aged here, but old age could not take your life. However, your life was in jeopardy from the many strange and powerful creatures that dwelt here, and of course from Technis.

Now the face that stared at him from the open doorway of his laboratory was that of Benjamin Roy—a name he had to dig from the recesses of his most distant memories. The face opened a floodgate, filling his mind with a torrent of memories from a time so long ago. He had not seen Ben for more than three hundred cycles, and yet here he was looking at him with perplexed twenty-something eyes. And in that moment everything Ulrich thought he knew, everything he believed in, was changed.

This enigma he remembered as Ben—leader of Ben Clan in his Battle-Grid days—should not be here. He had vanished from a critical care unit in Tallahassee, Florida in the early twenty-first century. Most people thought that he was taken by a radical middle-eastern faction; killed as a punishment for meddling in Allah’s creation. Ulrich knew that part of the story was not true; hell, he was one of the authors of that conspiracy. But Ben had been a lost cause; his body damaged from a terrible accident and after years of effort… well, everyone moved on. Then there was that fateful day when the Earth was lost and its survivors fled in desperation to a new home world called Silica.

Seeing Ben now made no sense, and complete sense. It confirmed his suspicions; that the world where he had lived four lifetimes was not what he thought it was. And now the time had come for his followers, the Freeborn, to move against the evil lord of the White Spire. It was time to disrupt the illusion and help those willing to see the deception break out of their trance. It was time for freedom.

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